Adventure and Family

La Comunitat Valenciana te ofrece infinitas posibilidades de actividades y turismo para disfrutar en todos los sentidos. Gracias a un clima privilegiado podrás pasar días inolvidables junto al mar o la montaña.

The Valencian Comunitat offers you endless possibilities related to tourism and activities in order to enjoy in every way. Thanks to a privileged climate you can spend unforgettable days by the sea or the mountain. Practice tourism and activities in the most beautiful natural parks, dive into the deep sea and enjoy yourself by practicing water sports. Live our traditional festivities in the beautiful coastal and inland towns… in the Valencian Community you will also find time for distraction thanks to the wide cultural and entertainment offer of our large cities. The adventure and the knowledge await you at the theme parks of this region opened to those who would like to enjoy golf, the local cuisine or congress tourism. Everything is possible in Valencia in any season.

Active and nature tourism

Active tourism is the ideal choice for a stay close to nature, either in the mountain, in the countryside or by the coast. This is why the Valencian Community has a wide and diverse offer of active tourism for all tastes and adapted to the whole family.

Get ready to live the adventure of the Valencian Community. Practice some hiking by approved routes and trails, enjoy adventure sports in natural spaces or travel our coast… for which the bike or the kayak can also be very helpful.

These are some of the proposals that you will find:

  • Bicycle routes: pedal the Valencian Community, we have all kinds of bikes and routes. BTT, ebike, mountain… Find out more at
  • Rafting: Descent strong flow rivers aboard inflatable rafts that accommodate several people and are propelled by oars.
  • Climbing via ferrata: Climb a rock wall that has previously been equipped with metal steps as a ladder to facilitate progression.
  • Kayak crossing and sea. Canoeing: As in calm water, the cruise consists of medium to long distances excursions in single and double kayaks designed for this purpose and equipped with watertight hatches.
  • Kayak in rough water. Canoeing: it’s about descending a river with different degrees of difficulty in an individual specifically equipped dugout, avoiding natural obstacles through different techniques.
  • Kayak in calm water. Canoeing: it’s the most extended practice of canoeing as it is the basis of introduction to other kayak modes, practicing in calm water offers you a safe and fun way of knowledge of the kayak.
  • Balloon Tour: The ballooning is an activity that takes place with the first light of day, watching as nature awakens under our feet as the sun rises over the horizon.
  • Hiking, trekking: The Valencian region offers excellent infrastructure for hiking: it has more than 5,000 kilometers of approved paths.
  • Paintball: It is a sport in which participants use markers powered by compressed air, CO2 or other gases, to shoot small balls filled with paint to other players.
  • Mountain biking: It is the activity that takes place on a mountain bike in mountainous terrain.
  • Canoe: A canoe is a relatively small boat that moves through the use of blades. The drags are facing the desired direction (unlike the rowing, where the rowers are back to the where it’s desired to go).

Discover the Valencian Community by pedaling