El Rincon de Pau

Festivities and Traditions

Throughout the territory of the Valencian Community it occurs throughout the year, in villages and towns, infinidad de fiestas que destacan por su participación popular, colorido y espectacularidad. Son a tourist and cultural attraction of first oder with different topics between religious, popular or historic.

Some festivities stand out like the Fallas, the Bonfires of San Juan, the festivities of Moors and Christians or the celebrations of the Semana Santa or Saint Week.

Among the more than thousand festivities celebrated, those which have been declared of International and National Tourist Interest stand out for their historical tradition, numerous participation or major impact on the media among other reasons.

Fire, fireworks, music, colorful, fallas, exhibition and entertainment are inherently part of the celebrations of the Valencian Community, organized for centuries for being lived on the street, alongside with neighbors and visitors, because hospitality and the invitation to participate in the festive events becomes a social event in all towns and cities.